Thursday, October 30, 2008

Disney Halloween

A giant Mickey Mouse Jack-O-Lantern at Disneyland last October:
They really decorate the parks for Halloween! This one was taken from the train station looking back out at the front entrance turnstiles:
I really enjoy watching The Nightmare Before Christmas on Halloween , if I possibly can. And I also love the Haunted Mansion Holiday overlay at Disneyland with Jack Skellington and all the other characters. We got the new Blu-Ray version of this film, and I cannot believe how fabulous it looks! The difference is astonishing - the colors seem to have a luminescent quality. We were watching it on our computer with the VHS version playing on the TV at the same time to compare the two. Amazing.
I found this record album in a thrift shop - so I added it as a backdrop among my Halloween decorations.
And I had found this one at another thrift store last year:
Disney and Halloween - a delightful combination!


Annette said...

A very spooky Happy Halloween to you sis, since I probably won't be on the computer until next week. Love T

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I think Disney invented Halloween as we know it today. Twyla