Sunday, October 5, 2008

Found In Oregon

My trip to Oregon and Washington was way back in May of 2007, but I just decided to do a post of some of my favorite finds from that trip. I found the floral tin in Grant's Pass, the tray at Monticello Antique Marketplace in Portland, and the McKee custard glass shaker in Drain. It didn't have a top, but I had an old metal top at home that fit perfectly. It's not a shaker top, but I don't care.
This adorable pair of vintage plastic lampshades were found at Monticello, as well. They now sit atop a pair of deer bedside lamps in our guest room.
This sweet little doll wardrobe needs some help on the front. I still need to paint it somehow and save the sweet little decals. The rest of it is painted a very pale green that I really like. I found it at Stars Antique Mall.
And the inside has lots of room for Betsy McCall or Barbie clothes!
I want to go back to Portland, and go visit my friend Kari in Vancouver and my cousins again! I want to go NOW.


Annette said...

I guess you have to wait for Marcia. She may be sorry she told us she will be going up there occasionally. She will have lots of gold country girls hitching rides with her! Love T

Amy said...

Oh...I worked at Monticello for a couple of months. I worked for the estate sale company that was in the back and off to the side...we rented office space and put items that didn't sell at the sales but were valuable out on the floor.

It was HORRIBLE. I know I never made a dime...I spent SOMETHING everyday I worked!!!! I was so relieved when they found a permanent secretary and could back out in the field and work on preparing houses for sales.

Isn't that place heaven? All the dealers are SO sweet. So kind.

Emily said...

What lovely vintage tin items you found!! I love those Americana type of graphics!!


Holly said...

Did you do anything with this? Did you save the decals?

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Holly - I'm sorry to say that I STILL have not painted it nor fixed it up! But I absolutely am leaving the decals in place.