Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Then And Now #14 Pink Puddin'

When glancing through my magazines, this pudding ad I spied:
I thought perhaps a pudding post should next be what I tried!
Perusing pudding packages all lined up side by side,
I found my quest for one in pink had, sadly, been denied.
But, then I had a thought!
And so, here's what I bought:
And with help from those two,
Look! Pink Puddin' for YOU!!


Anonymous said...

I didn't think I'd ever see
A puddin pink as pink can be
It looks so pretty in the little glass dish-
Makes that puddin' look totally delish!

Heidi Ann said...

I LOVE your comment, love your rhyme!
It's so poetic, so sublime!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi ann , I saw your comment on my friend lisa blog about Romantic Country magazine. Do you have Winco or Barnes and Noble bookstore? Those are the 2 places I have found it. Good lock! Sue

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I love the pink pudding! Thanks for the great idea. You know us ladies like pink and this is a great month to embrace pink! Twyla

Melony at Whimsy Daisy! said...

Sugar Puddin'
Sweet Pea
That's the silliest post
I ever did see!

It tickled me pink! :)

Annette said...

Loved this post. Love T

Shara said...

Jello actually has a new Strawberry Creme pudding for sale RIGHT NOW in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is Pink Pudding!

Heidi Ann said...

Wow - I had not seen nor heard about it - it may not be available in my area, but I'll look for it - thanks!