Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm A Tinker Bell Fan

Here she is on some of the Disney pins I have collected:

And below, you can see Tinker Bell with Peter Pan and the Darling children, as she appears on the mural at Peter Pan's Flight at Disneyland:

I love that attraction, sailing over London and Neverland in a pirate ship!
I also really like my Tink postcards - like this one:
And these next two are current - I got the top one at Disneyland the last time I was there, and the bottom one was sent to me from Walt Disney World by my sister in July. I love these lenticular cards:
Here are two vintage postcard fold-out folders that could be purchased at Disneyland years ago:
I have a habit of saving nearly every little scrap of paper that has Tinker Bell on it! You can see some examples below. The large Tink shown with the paper scraps is an ornament I purchased at WDW 14 years ago. I wish I had bought more than one - I've never seen it again, and I LOVE it. She looks pretty hanging in a window. I bought the new Hallmark ornament this year (picture from a brochure at bottom right), I have her perched atop a lamp- she will not be packed away after Christmas, either!
Here she is on the front of a T-shirt I bought at The Disney Store; it's a Christmas present for my little niece:
I even have the miniature Hallmark ornament of Tink from a few years ago dangling from my rear-view mirror in my car! I like to have her around me. Just because she's cute, and I like looking at her!


Annette said...

She is very cute and I like the fact that she is a fat bottomed girl, like in the Queen song. Your little collage is great. Love T

jungle dream pagoda said...

Love those disney land Tink pins!!!!
we are planning on some definite Tink time in the near future after I get my littlest petal the new DVD!