Sunday, November 16, 2008

Then And Now #20 - Kraft Catalina Dressing

Kraft Catalina salad dressing - shown here in an advertisement from 1959:
And here is how the bottle looked in 1961:
I must admit that this is not a type of dressing that I would ever normally buy. But my sister made a main dish with it a few months back, and I REALLY liked it. I want to try it myself, but I decided to use the light version, shown below, so that it would have less fat. Kraft Light Catalina , as it looks today:
I don't have the recipe right now, but I will try to add it later, in case anyone is interested.


barbara said...

Sure, post that recipe ... it kind of shames me now, but that was my favorite dressing as a kid.

Annette said...

Not my favorite dressing, I don't care for it too sweet, but very interesting to see the changes as always. Love T