Friday, November 28, 2008

Vintage Barkcloth

I LOVE vintage bark cloth (barkcloth?). I don't have a lot of it, but I thought I'd just scan some of my favorites and show them to you today.
I'm partial to the ones with pink and green flowers and foliage.

But you can throw some other colors in there, too - in fact, I won't turn ANY of it down!
I have this hibiscus design in two of the colorways: with a grey background:
and a white background:
This book "Fabulous Barkcloth" by Loretta Smith Fehling, is a wonderful reference and resource book full of color photographs of many of the myriad of patterns that were made:
The big, bold patterns are all so gorgeous. There are SO many styles and colors of this yardage out there. Most of the time when I see it, it's way beyond my price range. But I just love it, and I believe these fabrics were some of the most beautiful ones ever produced. Do you like them?


jungle dream pagoda said...

these are wonderful and romantic! I love the color combos! I have been hanging on to a WHOLE bolt of atomic barkcloth for years!!!!
It cost 10 bux and I remember almost not forking over that amount for it! Someday I will create a treasure!

Annette said...

I love barkcloth too. The tropical ones are my favorites, but I love it all. Most of it you find is still fairly sturdy, but there are pieces I've had that tear easily and have a kind of dry rot. I find it usually holds up well over the years though. Great post. Love T