Sunday, November 9, 2008

Then And Now # 19 Colgate And Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields for Colgate toothpaste then (1975):
And now (2008):
A beautiful girl , and now a beautiful woman.
We grew up using Colgate toothpaste, and I still use it today. It seems to me, that a lot of the time, people end up using what they grew up with. If your family always used Crest, then maybe you think Colgate tastes weird, or vice versa. My dentist recommended a sensitive formula for me, and I have found that Colgate Sensitive has really helped! What kind do you use, and why?


Annette said...

Right now I have Colgate Total in my bathroom. But to be honest I switch around a lot. I think it depends on what is on sale when I need to buy more. But lots of times I end up with Colgate. I never thought about why, but I guess it really is because we grew up with it. (Maybe subconciously I think it will make me look like Brook Shields????) Love T

Monica said...

I like all types of toothpaste, I love origianl crest

My Boyfriend worked on Brookes new show(soundman) he said she was VERY nice and I met her at the wrap party and she IS nice, very down to earth!

Viewliner Ltd. said...

I love this woman. Always have, always will. Lovely, talented and smart.

MElony at Whimsy Daisy! said...

I just seem to buy whatever toothpaste is on sale.

Brooke Shields is somebody I was sort of concerned about how she would turn out as an adult. She was such a big and often controversial celebrity at such a young age.

I have been so impressed with her. Her parenting and honesty in addressing issues. She seems to have a lot of grace and class. She is certainly beautiful.

Holly said...

How funny... I grew up very poor and at times, we had to use plain old baking soda for tooth paste! Yuk!! I'm still kind of poor but my kids get Pepsodent- baking soda formula! Ha-ha! Never thought about that! I only use it because it's the cheapest!

becKs said...

Im def a big fan of colgate but their gel rather than their paste. Specifically i like the blue one with the whitestrips. i can honestly say that i do not buy colgate just becasue i grew up with it. I have tried crest many times and it always seems to fail me. long live colgate!