Friday, April 16, 2010

Still Thrifting

More thrift finds today: a pretty matte white pottery candle holder, a scarlet tanager on a little plate/plaque to hang on the wall, and a trio of cats who look ready for a party. One has a cake, one balloons, and the other is ready to strike up the band. I wouldn't call them Christmas ornaments, because there is nothing "Christmasy" about them. But they're cute!

I found two of the green depression glass saucers, and pretty plates to fit underneath glass domes (one I had already, one was a recent find), a great vintage aluminum champagne bucket, 3 iced tea spoons that happen to match the bucket, and a little planter pot that I believe is Czechoslovakian:

Another picture of the "bucket"
A set of four gorgeous placemats:
The sweetest little nursery lamp my friend Jamie got for me:
This is a glass flower frog (I think) with glass ducks attached to it - cute!

And last (but definitely NOT least), some great Christmas stuff! A table runner and a bunch of these vintage boxes of ornament hooks:
And a box of vintage Shiny Brites! I didn't have a box with these graphics. I was THRILLED when I saw it! 75 cents! I love the tree topper and the cross, too, and you know how I love sequined felt ornaments. I only had the tiniest plastic Nativity scene that is like this larger example, so I was happy to find that, too.
VERY happy with my latest finds!


Tina Dawn said...

Wow, you have been busy! I love those placemats. I am so glad you have found a fellow thrifter. Wish I could go too. Love T

Lorlore said...

Great finds Heidi, as always!!

yosemite faith said...

maybe the title should be 'always thrifting' ;-D wow - another box of shiny brites! i always say this but it always fits - you got the knack heidi.

Diane said...

Well you sure did find some wonderful Vintage treasures, wow I sure love the nursery lamp and then the Christmas goodies always have a soft spot for Christmas! Hugs, Diane

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Wonderful treasures! Lindsey would love that Irmi lamp, wait! I think she has that one! It says 'Nursery Originals' or 'Nursery Plastics' on the bottom. Twyla