Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More Colorful Kitchens

I can't get enough of colorful kitchens. I shared some with you in an earlier post, but there are many more where those came from!
One of my favorite kitchens EVER, in the home of Ann and Gary Forstall, from Country Living Magazine, 1998. I love it all:
Michaela Hart's kitchen, from Country Collectibles Magazine, 2003. She has quite a few Ransburg pottery pieces, which you may already know I am VERY fond of! I'd want a lighter background than the blue wallpaper, but I love the display of her collections on the open shelves:
A page I saved from Anthropologie because I loved it so much. I bought the latte bowls; I use them every day. I have more than enough dishes to achieve a very similar look , if only I had their great old cupboard!
A bright and colorful shelf display - also from Country Living Magazine, I believe. I have a collection of colorful vintage pottery, also, and I wouldn't mind displaying it on a shelf like this, myself:
This gal shares my love for all things green and vintage. With the exception of the wallpaper border, I love this kitchen, too! Also from Country Collectibles Magazine, 2002:
And just because I get a major kick out of these ads, two with lots of color - one for Kleenex:
And one for Windex!
"I can see clearly now......it's going to be a bright, bright, bright, bright sunshiny day!"


Tina Dawn said...

Love the old stove in the first photo. I want to get my old stove working and hooked up. Wish hubby would finish up all his other projects around here so that could happen. In the last ad, Windex, she has my plastic pitchers above her cabinets. I am going to do a blog on them one of these days. Great post. Love T

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

It never occurred to me until I read this, but the great thing about having a kitchen that's deliberately from another era is that it never goes out of style. (And if that first magazine is only 12 years old, I bet I've got it somewhere!!!)

yosemite faith said...

i want those 'ledges' around several of my rooms/ceilings.

farmlady said...

I just love the first two photos. That stove is to die for. My Mom had one like that. It was a great stove.
Such great ideas...

Teresa said...

Great pictures! Color in a kitchen is such a day brightener.