Saturday, April 17, 2010

Then And Now # 63 Reynolds Wrap

Good old Reynold's Wrap aluminum foil. The ad seen in the photo below is the coolest - a double page spread from a 1955 magazine - the pages are actually made of foil on one side!
A scanned close-up:

Pardon the scribbles on this 1956 advertisement; this particular magazine has a lot of them!

Tips for tastier turkey in this ad from 1966. Is it crazy that I still remember the little song from their commercials years ago? "Reynold's Wrap is oven-tempered, for flexible strength."

And here, from 1975, their Heavy Duty foil in a larger size - the better to wrap your fish for freezing, my dear!

As we approach Earth Day , I applaud Reynolds for now offering foil made with 100% recycled aluminum:


Tina Dawn said...

My calendars say Earth Day is the 22nd, so let's make all week Earth Week! I love aluminum foil, it is so useful. Glad to see they are recycling it, I didn't know that. Love T

yosemite faith said...

love that double page spread - nice find heidi. do y'all know about the tabs at the end of the pkg to press in to keep your roll inside and not flying out when trying to pull out a piece? i do now but did not know for years and years. mmmm...did mom know but just never bother?

Lorlore said...

I also only learned that recently, Faith. I doubt many people know, funny, huh!!