Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pages From Decorating Books - 1965

I found two decorating books at a thrift store. They weren't chock full of photos, but they did contain enough interesting ones to make me feel they were worth the 50 cents each I paid.
Loving the orange Egg Chair and the dining set in this one:
Got a case of the blues? We have some unusual metal furniture, here:
I'd be happy to hang out in front of this fire:
One room two ways - change it up with color:
Wow - a lot of space - nice, modern, open:
I like the furniture and that triple light fixture:
These people have lots of space, too - nice!
I like their lamps and the dining set, below - but that sofa (?) doesn't look very comfortable:
I adore this bright geometric rug!
I like the built-ins, looks like a nice room to kick back and listen to some LP's in, and - I know! How about a fondue party?

I'm up for it. What's the address?


Tina Dawn said...

For some reason each time I looked at one of these rooms, I imagined those little robot Roomba vacuum cleaners flying madly around them from carpet to carpet and under the cool metal chairs, down into that great modern open space and hopefully not into the fireplace. So now that the rooms are all so clean, I am ready to move in and eat fondue. Love T

Jennifer D said...

I would like to put the triple lamp from the 6th photo in the room in the first photo...ah...perfect!

I am wondering what is behind that small door in the wall in the 4th photo. Is it a TV or a fireplace?

Great post Heidi.

delia hornbook said...

oohhhhh i love those rooms the first one and the one nearer the bottom to. Wow there are some amazing ceiling lamps and furniture in those, great books for ideas to ;-)) dee x

Zootsuitmama said...

I look for those books and love looking through them! I remember some of those styles!

Heidi Ann said...

Jennifer - That does look a bit odd, doesn't it? It has to be a fireplace because there appears to be a small stone or brick hearth beneath it - but the way they have it covered seems unusual. Maybe they never used it - we don't use ours, either - and I could use a better cover-up than what I've got!

yosemite faith said...

i kept picturing the laugh in gang dancing all over and cracking jokes! don't ya just love it when heidi posts pictures like this?