Sunday, January 9, 2011

Then And Now #77 The Jolly Green Giant

Fresh "From the valley of the Jolly (Ho Ho Ho) Green Giant!" , first we have an advertisement from 1952:


One from 1959:
From 1961 "The Green Giant hurries his new crop out of the field.."
and the other half of the ad above - showing the Green Giant truck you could send away for! Just $2.50? I'll take ten of them:
And here is ours - an older model - my husband has had this truck since he was a boy:

The Green Giant's footprint for your floor - in rug form; this one is from 1967:


The photo below was taken in 1980. The three-year-old in the picture is now 33 years old - with a two-year-old boy of his own:

As for "Now"? Well, today, there all kinds of Green Giant products to choose from. You know how that goes! Companies are always coming up with something new for us.

From canned vegetables to frozen vegetables - lots of choices these days!
Now, be sure to eat your veggies and remember to stay "Jolly".


Lorlore said...

I will!!!! Now that friuts are 0 points on WW, I'll have me lots of those too!!!!! Here's to "Lighter" Gold Country Girls in 2012!!!!

Tina Dawn said...

I love the old truck and the photo of the second generation playing with it. Very special. I used to love mexicorn. I never thought about this, but maybe the Green Giant trained under Santa Claus?. Ho Ho Ho? Very nice post. Love T

yosemite faith said...

i wondered why i didn't recognize the first ad - i was born in 1951. i remember all the rest. how cool is that truck and the photo and that you still have it!!!

VintageBettys said...

We love that Green Giant truck!

Creative Breathing said...

What a wonderful post! I used to love the Green Giant commercials as a child. The footprint rug absolutely makes me giggle! Thank you for these wonderful memories! Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

English language isn't my primary language, but I could understand this using the google translator. Superb content, keep them coming! Warm regards!