Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Remembering our Mom on what would've been her 80th birthday

Good morning. Tina here. I am just going to do a short post today in remembrance of our Mother, Joyce, who we lost at age 66 to breast cancer almost 14 years ago. She was too young and didn't even have a chance to enjoy her recent retirement from teaching kindergarten.

Today she would have been 80 years old, and I wish she were here so we could have a great big party for her.
Our Mom grew up in Southern California, and was a California girl all the way. In her mid-twenties she became a Gold Country Girl. In the above photo I think she was in her mid-teens.
Our Mom was very close to her grandchildren. Here she takes my son Josh on a visit to the Gold Rush town of Columbia, not far from where Heidi lives, and one of our favorite places.
As the eldest daughter, I was lucky to be an "only child" until I was three and a half. (I wish I had this dress of my mom's from the very early fifties. It looks like it is colorful and cotton. Just my style.) In this photo my Mom was only 20 years old, and it is amazing how much alike we looked at that age, especially in this picture.
Our courageous mother went to college in her late thirties when all of her daughters still lived at home, and got her teaching degree in her early forties, teaching kindergarten until almost the end of her too short life. I admire that tremendously. In this picture she is enjoying her graduation day, circa 1972.

Happy birthday to our Mom, we miss you very much.


Sassy Lassies Vintage Life said...

I get a strong feeling she is always with 'her girls'. Happy Birthday mom!

Lorlore said...

Happy Birthday Mother!!!!!!
She would be loving her Great Grandkids now!!!

delia hornbook said...

my thoughts are with you today, But i know her spirit is with you all. Hugs Dee x

Heidi Ann said...

I had a feeling you would do a post about Mother today - I hoped so. We were gone all morning, had to drive two hours both ways for a medical appointment, and just got home.
I loved this post. Sure do wish we were celebrating her 80th with her today.
Love, H.

yosemite faith said...

she was young. i lost my dad in 1977 to cancer, and my mom in 1998 to heart disease. she was in her 80's when she died. my dad was in his 60's. she was wonderful - i say that because of the legacy that follows her - the three gold country girls. i was not close to my mom at all so i think it is wonderful that y'all were - what a blessing. my best to all 3 of you and to the memory of your parents as well.

Midcenturymadam said...

What a beautiful tribute to your Mother.

one gal's trash said...

What a wonderful post about your mother. I especially love the photo of her holding you. My mom is 82 and I realize each day how lucky we are to have her with us.