Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tina's Nasturtium Collections No. 1: Hankies

Good morning. Tina here. I am a hankie user. They are so handy to have around... Blow your nose, wipe a sweating forehead, wash a little face. I always have one or two in my purse or my pocket.

Below I am sharing a collection of hankies with nasturtium flowers on them. These are my favorite hankies out of my hankie collection, and the only ones that don't get used. This is my largest hankie at over 14 inches square. It's salmon and brown coloring is bright and lovely. It still has its foil tag on one corner.
Pure Irish Linen Hand Rolled in the Philippines.
This hankie is about 12 inches square and is a lighter linen. This is about the usual size of the hankies I use everyday.
I love the flowers on this sky blue 11 1/2 inch hankie. It also has its original foil label.
Pure Linen Hand Rolled.
This foot wide cutie has bright bouquets of flowers including nasturtiums and a purple border.
Some of the hankies, including this one, are so thin that you can literally see through them when you hold them up to the light.
Another large, at 13 1/2 inches hankie, with exuberant happy blossoms covering the light blue border.
A very good artistic rendering of nasturtiums, but the printing stamp was a bit off.
My only round hankie. It is about 12 1/2 inches wide, with perfect hand rolled edges.
These are the fiery orange florals that I enjoy most in nasturtium coloring. I have five of these hankies with the bouquets and the stripes. The sizes range from 11 to 12 inches.
I have two with brown borders, two with burgundy borders, and one with a navy blue border.
This hankie is similar to vintage framed prints I have. A lovely blue bowl.
Rather faded, this hankie is the most like a man's hankie I have, excepting the pattern.
This little hankie is more cheaply made and is only 11 inches wide.
It has a lovely border of nasturtiums.
Another hankie with a border of flowers, this time including poppies and daisies.
The lemon yellow nasturtiums form the border and the shape of the hankie on this example.
Although the nasturtiums are not artistically correct on this hankie, I love the way the ribbons wrap around and make the center of the design.
Nasturtiums do not have a center stamen. I call these examples nasturtium "wanna bees". But these are so like them I include them in my collection anyway.
More of the "anatomically" and color correct bouquets against gray, how pretty.
A closeup.
More "wanna bees", these have the correct leaves and the tails on the buds, and I like the butterflies.
Nasturtiums have five petals, so the artist got that part right.

I am ending with the one that got away. A hankie, round, that was listed on ebay and I was outbid on it! Every collection has the one that got away, and someday I will find it again.


Lorlore said...

Hope you find that last one again, I think it was my most favorite!! They are all beautiful!! Lovely post, Tina!

Heidi Ann said...

WOW, Tina - they're SO beautiful! Thank you for sharing them!

Jennifer D said...

Beautiful collection! I use hankies too... they are so much softer on the nose than paper tissues and much prettier.I think my favorite one is the orange on grey.

Into Vintage said...

Nasturtiums are one of my favorite flowers and I was so excited to see the first hankie and then I scrolled down ... what a *fabulous* collection!

yosemite faith said...

if i ever get totally unpacked - maybe i will find the huge package of hankies i saved from my moms things when she passed. every single purse, pocket, dresser had hankies in them and i saved them all. don't know if any nasturtium ones were among them but......loved this post tina.

Protector of Vintage said...

I grew nasturtiums for the first time last summer. Such a pretty flower. Your hanky collection is beautiful!

Mom Walds Place said...

Thank you ever so much for sharing your Nasturtium hankies. I haven't had a hanky fix in ages, and yours are just what the doctor ordered.