Thursday, November 3, 2011

Models From The 70's - Bonnie Lysohir

Today, I am featuring the absolutely adorable and beautiful Bonnie Lysohir in this, the latest edition of my posts on my favorite 1970's models.
Here's Bonnie in an ad for CornSilk powder, from 1973

Some of her Seventeen magazine covers:

In an advertisement for Yardley, 1972:

Seventeen's Make-It magazine:
Wearing a lovely smocked satin dress, from the pages of Seventeen:

An ad for Vicky Vaughn dresses:

Wearing a dress from Lanz Originals, here - from 1973:
And donning a pair of suede "micro-jeans":

It's funny, but when I look at these models that I admired when I read our Seventeen magazines all those years ago, I remember so many of the photos as if it were yesterday! I am too short to have ever been a model - not that I could have anyway - but it is definitely true that I wanted to be like them. I loved the clothes, the ads, everything!


Tina Dawn said...

Wait, I am sure that is the girl next door! Isn't she cute? Love T

yosemite faith said...

me too heidi. love the seventeen cover with the crochet maxi skirt.

Classics Revisited said...

Bonnie was a great model for Seventeen because her look was usually simple and down-to-earth, something that a non-model girl could hope to imitate. Thank you for this great feature! You have a wonderful collection of pictures.

farmlady said...

She sure was the "all American girl" wasn't she?
I remember these photos too. It's like Seventeen Mag. was imprinted in my brain back in the 60's and it all comes back when I see these pictures... the cloths and everything.
Nice post...