Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Spirograph, 1967

I remember how we loved playing with our Spirograph when we were kids. I was tickled to find one yesterday at one of our local thrift shops!
There are a few pieces missing, but I was so glad to find the original booklet still inside. As you can see, below, it used to belong to Steve:
But now it is MINE.

There were a few examples of Spirograph art inside, along with some extra paper:

I want to feel like a kid again.
I'm going to have fun playing with this!!


Tina Dawn said...

Ah yes, I remember it well. Have fun! Love T

Andy's Attic said...

That looks like a super fun thing to do. I don't remember it because I graduated in '67 and was on to other things (thinking I was all grown up!!)

Anonymous said...

Ooh I'm so jealous. I used to babysit and after the kids went to bed I would play with their Spirograph, Etch a Sketch and Lite Brite.

Jennifer D said...

Oh you lucky girl! I loved my spirogragh.

Candice said...

You always find the neatest things. I had forgotten all about spirograph! You can buy it on amazon.com.

Do you remember klackers? Or how about knutty knotter? Those were two of my favorite toys along with Crazy clock!

yosemite faith said...

love this

Heidi Ann said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed seeing the Spirograph -and remembering it, if applicable! Candice - I'm not sure I've ever heard of the other toys you mentioned. I'm wondering why that is..... we must not be the same age, I guess!?

EmmaPeel61 said...

Boy, does this bring back memories of playing with my older brother's Spirograph...Heidi Ann, I was also lucky enough to have a Barbie Picture Maker Fashion Designer Set in '69 - did you ever see that one? It came with plastic stencils that mixed and matched to draw different outfits. There's one on Ebay right now if you want to see a photo of what it looked like.