Sunday, November 20, 2011

Then And Now #84 Betty Crocker White Cake Mix

Today's edition of "Then and Now" is yet another choice from Betty Crocker. This time it's White Cake, shown below as it looked in 1959:

And here's how the mix looked in 1967, along with a boxed frosting mix:

And in 1968, we had Betty Crocker White (vanilla-flavored) Frosting in a can:

And this is how the Betty Crocker White Cake mix looks today:

I kind of want to try making some of those cake balls, or cake pops on a stick. Don't white ones dipped in white chocolate and then topped with either crushed candy canes or green or red sprinkles sound good for Christmas?
They do to me!


Paul Duca said...

Interesting...I made a Betty Crocker White Cake recently, but I coordinated it with Chocolate Chocolate Chip frosting

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Paul! That sounds fabulous!

yosemite faith said...

john makes a fantastic white cake with condensed coconut milk and cool whip frosting. everyone loves it.

Thoroughly Modern Me said...

This is my favorite cake mix. Easy and still tastes great. Love your blog and thanks for the sweet comments on my Napco cookie jar post. The new owner is super happy with it so that makes it all worth it. Happy Holidays. Tricia M.