Thursday, February 16, 2012


I have been collecting biographies and autobiographies about "movie stars" and entertainers that are particular favorites of mine for many years. I can't even quite recall where I found this one about the life of Jimmy Durante:

Schnozzola - The Story Of Jimmy Durante, by Gene Fowler.
I like that it has quite a few great old photos inside:

Just another volume for the completely overflowing and totally already full bookshelves around here!

"Goodnight, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are."


Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes said...

Oh I'm so jealous! Jimmy Durante is one of my old all time favorites. In fact I was playing a CD of his songs at the store the other day. I just adore him. I remember his weekly show & at the end he did that famous "Mrs. Calabash" thing. GREAT find!

farmlady said...

I can still remember him saying "Good night Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are." and walking out of the spotlight at the end of his show.
What a great book. You're lucky to have found it.

Heidi Ann said...

Thank you, ladies - I know I WAS excited when I found it. because I had never seen it before!

Tina Dawn said...

Just love him to pieces. Love T

yosemite faith said...

loved watching his show when i was a kid.

Paul Duca said...

Go to YouTube and denteltv2's channel...he has several Durante programs--a 1959 TV special and several episodes of the 1960's series THE HOLLYWOOD PALACE where's he's either a host or guest.