Friday, February 24, 2012

A Visit To Vera Bradley

Sis Lori here: The Gold Country Girls are obsessed with the Vera Bradley products. So, when I showed you in my birthday post the coupon they sent me to use in February, I had to do it!!! Combined with a trip to visit my Daughter (we needed some girl time, and she showed me things about my new iphone and Pinterest, more on that later), I made a trip to the store at The Fountains in Roseville.
First, at home, I had perused my catalog that comes in the mail:

They have many different styles and tech cases, etc.

I bought my first Vera Bradley purse at a women's convention, years ago, at a kiosk they had set up in the lobby, I loved the fabrics they used and it was very well made!!!

My second Vera Bradley purse was a lucky thrift store find.

For quite some time I had been yearning for a new one, in a different style.
I did my homework, found my favorite patterns and style, and with catalog in hand, stepped in the store. They very nicely greet you, and she was going to ask to help me, but she saw the catalog and knew I must be familiar with the product line. Left alone, I wandered the store, they have many more items than my last visit 2-3 years ago.
I finally decided and asked the nice gal for her help.
I decided on the Hipster style and had a different pattern in mind, but was drawn to the Tea Garden fabric, and then I knew why, the clerk told me that when you purchase that pattern, 10% of their net proceeds are donated to Breast Cancer funds, and I was sold, since our Mother died from this.

Here is my new purse and of course, a matching wallet!!! You can get carried away, but I am on a budget!! I love it!!!!! Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!!

They packaged it in a beautiful gift bag with tissue paper:

And even packaged my receipt in a cute little envelope!!

Now, I was also going to take a peek into Anthropologie which is right around the corner, but they were locking the door as I walked up. Oh well, next time!!!!


Tina Dawn said...

I love your purse, and I am so glad you found a great birthday present for yourself. I have only been to the Vera Bradley store once but it is a lot of fun going in there. The fabrics are all great. Love T

Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes said...

Simply beautiful Lori! And what a fun day. Gosh I haven't been out to Roseville for such a long time. I love Anthropologie, but all the clothes are made for stick figures so that leaves me out for sure! But they do have some GREAT drawer pull hardware which is like being a kid in a candy store to me since I do a few restorations now & then. Isn't it nice to go to a store that actually likes & helps their customers! Sounds like customer service is alive & well at Vera's! Very nice selection!

Heidi Ann said...

Oh, how I wish I had been able to go there with you! It has been way too long. I absolutely love your new bag and wallet. Makes me think I really NEED new ones, as well!

Anonymous said...

I love Vera Bradley products. My Mom even went to their yearly outlet sales. They used to make them in my home state, Indiana. I finally stopped buying them when they outsourced to China. Now, I pick up their vintage bags in vintage stores.

yosemite faith said...

yay! you got something you loved. sounds like you had a great time.

Shug in Boots said...

Dude! Vera Bradley was just getting started when I was in high school, and I still love and use my red bandana duffel bag and tote. :)