Sunday, February 26, 2012

Vintage Sunbeam Appliances

I did a short "Then and Now" post 3 years ago about the Sunbeam Mixmaster, and then just recently I found this old booklet at a thrift shop, so I thought I'd re-visit the subject.
The booklet is dated 1948 and I believe the Mixmaster pictured may be the very same one we have packed away that has been in the family all these many years.

I also like the other appliances pictured inside!
The Sunbeam Coffeemaster:

The Sunbeam Toaster (LOVE the art deco style detailing on this and the Coffeemaster!):

The Sunbeam Waffle Baker:

The Sunbeam Ironmaster:

And last, but not least - for the gentlemen, the Sunbeam Shavemaster:


Tina Dawn said...

I'll take one of each, thanks. Love the toaster especially. Love T

Vintage Coconut said...

I have the pale yellow mixer... BUT HECK now I want the toaster & coffee maker.

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Vintage Sunbeam Appliances
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yosemite faith said...

looks like my mom's mixer too. i love the toaster.