Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thrift Scores of Late

Hi there - sister Lori has been out shopping, just close by in town, good thrifts we have here, some of my latest and bestest scores!!!!
New old stock honeycomb heart Valentine decor circa 1961:

Nice Offray ribbon book with lots of ribbon crafts:

Nice craft patterns, Fiskars texture plates, cutest Klutz fairy book to make fairies from petals, wooden beads and floral wire:

Two cute apron patterns and a stamp printing kit to use while crafting:

Vintage Gibson kindness book destined for Etsy and a copy of Jaycee Dugards' book to read, she is my daughter's age, and was kidnapped years ago only 1 hour from where we live.
Hope she and her daughters are all doing well now.

Beautiful game night box with 11 card games inside, it will probably go to the grandkids:

Vintage musical multiplication tables, will share with the grands, too, when they are learning them:

Two hardbound books - I collect these - may keep or sell, not sure:

I was actually shopping ON my birthday, so I felt this book was meant for me to find !!! I love it, and did not have a copy!!! It made me smile BIG!!!!

A fold-out page inside the book, so cute!!! Love Mary Engelbreit stuff!!!!!

Got lots of movie passes for my birthday - what should I go see???
And I might have to treat myself to some new Vera Bradley, and also check out Anthropologie soon!!!!!!

Lovin' our local thrifts!!!!!!


Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes said...

Sweet finds Lori! Love the birthday book. Can't wait till spring so I can do a day trip up your way to check out the thrift stores! Do you have an Etsy store???

Tina Dawn said...

Love all your stuff and especially your little nature books. I love those too! Love T

Lorlore said...

Yes, Vickie, I do, it is Hangtown Vintage, I have a lot of listing to do in the upcoming weeks!!!!!

yosemite faith said...

that fold out is so great for your day! really good finds - and musical multipication tables - that is so cool.

Mick said...

im diggin' the Valentine decoration! Its always to cold here to do anything at the Casablanca for Valentines so I only have a few things (as we're not out there until March) I think the little "Tree's and How they grow" book is neat too!

Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes said...

Well you sure do & I didn't even know! You need to have an Etsy mini on here. What a great variety of vintage - reminds me of the "variety stores" I would spend hours in when I was a kid that really no longer exist. It's a nice feeling to see that again. Very nice :- )

lorlore said...

Thanks Vickie, I know we should put a button on side bar, haven't got around to that yet, thanks!! Like I said, I have lots of more stuff to get listed, will work on that!!!!

Rae said...

i love that game night box! so cute!