Friday, June 1, 2012

The Birthday Dinner

My husband celebrated a birthday last week - and it was a BIG one! I almost had to work that day, but as it turned out, an error had been made on the schedule, so luckily, I had the day off. That was a good thing, because it allowed me the time I needed to prepare his favorite dinner. It was a beautiful evening, so I set a nice table outside:

Beneath these trees with the blue sky up above:

He's ready to dig in to his Chicken Cordon Bleu - I made them so huge that we each could eat only half. (That was fine, because we had lots of leftovers!)

And, besides- we needed to save room for the homemade German Chocolate birthday cake later!

He enjoyed his special dinner, and had a very nice birthday, and that made me happy, too.


Tina Dawn said...

Looks like a delicious meal, happy birthday hubby.

Jill said...

I want a piece of that cake - love German Chocolate!!!

Jim J;O) said...

Oh Yummers!!!

Debbie V. said...

Three layers? How vintage :)
(I am a chicken and make my husband's GC birthday cake in the 13 x 9 pyrex)

yosemite faith said...

hope he had a wonderful birthday - i know he had a great meal!