Saturday, June 2, 2012

Terence Conran's Books

I love Terence Conran's books, and I have been happy to find them at thrift shops, reasonably priced.

"The House Book" is full of fab interiors:

I have that one in paperback, also:

And then we have "The Kitchen Book":

With, of course, kitchens:

And also "The Bed And Bath Book"

With beds.....

...and baths:

It would be a safe bet to assume that I will pick up other books he has written when I come across them.
Of course I will.


Tina Dawn said...

Love the bedroom with all the plants and the fireplace! Love T

Jamie said...

I think I need to visit your library and check out a few books! Where can I get a library card??

Heidi Ann said...

Hey Jamie - I should tell you that you have to physically be here in order to browse my "extensive library" - that way, I'd at least get to SEE you!

99 Cent Merchandise said...

awesome stuff! More power to your blog!

yosemite faith said...

his name is new to me - like what you have shown so far.