Tuesday, June 26, 2012

One Happy Hippie Hippo

This happy hippopotamus bank looks as though he is smiling, doesn't he?
I was smiling, too, when I found him.

He's in great condition, considering he's been around since the 60's or 70's. I am glad he is now a part of my collection of these fabulous vintage banks.
He is one cool dude.
Have a happy, hippie day, everybody!
And keep smilin'......


Tina Dawn said...

He is indeed a cutie! Love T

Barbara said...

I'm glad you had a six-apron day! (I tried to leave a comment on the post, which I could see in the reader, but it disappeared on your blog ... baffling) Those aprons are terrific.

Diane said...

Very cool! Just curious-- do you display your banks together or scatter them? How about posting a photo of all of them sometime? Would be interesting!

craftyles said...

SO cute. My brother had had one almost like yours, when we were kids. I wonder what happened to him(the hippo, not my Bro!)