Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Few Of My Recent Finds

Popping in to share a some of my recent finds today - starting with this adorable wooden box for sewing notions and such:

A few vintage cookbooks, and a set of aluminum coasters to add to my collection:

A tall and groovy juice pitcher:

Some dressy silver shoes, to go with my little silver evening bag that belonged to my mother-in-law. You know - for all of those occasions where I dress up and go out for the evening (smirks):

And a vintage trivet - I figure somebody who sees it in the shop may find it amusing:

More finds to come on another day.......


Diane said...

I could be wrong, but I think that juice pitcher is for "Tang." Remember that? And the saying on the trivet is too funny!

Tina Dawn said...

I had a little sewing box like that once, it is really cute! Love T

farmlady said...

I could use that notions box. I'm always losing needles and things. A perfect little organizer.

Anonymous said...

Heidi, while doing my doc-ordered long walking yesterday eve (Tina, pesky hip; Jim, pesky spine) your Orange Crush post crossed my mind. Gosh, that was a hot walk. Your Orange Crush post STAYED in my mind. I chugged up Ray Lawyer Dr. listening to the county fair fun and dreaming of ice cold Orange Crush. My every sip from my bottle of tap water only made me thirstier for ice cold Orange Crush. Knowing I had a case of Sunkist Orange at home, I refrained from offending Raley’s folks with my sweaty (pronounced “stinky”) self, but, my, welcoming auto parked in Raley’s lot, I was one champion of will power.

Heidi, I’ve enjoyed looking at so many of your vintage treasures, I’m beginning to wonder where you keep them all. I have a few in-person friends (as opposed to y’all beloved virtual buddies) who sew pillows & purses using vintage fabrics. I’ve seen them seemingly intoxicated like Orange Crush addicts while in the presence of anything vintage.

Psssst! I worked in VISTA as a crisis interventionist if Lori and Tina think that Heidi has...well...”begun the climb up the old high school steps—on her way to class.” :0)

yosemite faith said...

i like the notions box too