Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Six Apron Day

Barbara over at the fabulous blog Oodles and Oodles writes about estate sales in terms of how many aprons they rated - like five stars, only aprons instead - get it?
So the last time I went to the high-priced thrift store here in town - the one in which I almost never find anything I am willing to pay their price for - imagine my surprise when I discovered an entire basket full of items I wanted! First of all, there were three wonderful vintage aprons:

Gotta love the floral print and the rick-rack, right?

And I love this one - a pocket each for Complaints, Suggestions...


...and Tips - let's fill up those last two first, all right?

Another lovely one in a floral print with red pockets:

And I also found a number of vintage patterns, including these three with aprons:

And so - you see - a six apron day, indeed!


Tina Dawn said...

Love the first apron the most, but all are great and lovely patterns! Great finds as usual. Love T

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