Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What's Penny Wearing? #72 A Mod 60's Raincoat

I found this white vinyl raincoat at a thrift store. Straight out of the 60's from Beeline Fashions. Does anybody remember Beeline? The fashions were sold through at-home shows, rather like Tupperware parties. I think I remember Mother either tried her hand at selling the clothes, or at least had a party or two. She dabbled like that; she used to sell World Book Encyclopedias, as well. Or, at least, she tried to.
So anyway, I found this coat - the belt and a couple of buttons were missing. I didn't mind,as I figured I could just search for a belt and replace the buttons. The coat fits me, I happen to think the style is pretty cool and I love vintage - plus, the price was right.
As you can see, I found a couple of belts. I found the red one first, and went to Joann's and picked out some buttons that looked good with it. But then I found the orange belt, which is even better! In fact, it was exactly what I had hoped to find - a vinyl belt in a bright color. So now, I want to figure out a way to make the buttons removable and interchangeable - so that I can switch them out depending on which color belt I want to wear that day. So the coat can go from looking like this, as I found it:
To something more along these lines (or, actually, even better than this, after I replace the buttons.):

Now I just will have to wait for a rainy day, carry an umbrella , and wear my groovy vinyl raincoat. Some people might think it's weird - I don't mind, I march to my own drummer anyway. A different drummer than yours? Fine with me.


Tina Dawn said...

I love your raincoat. I am definitely behind wearing a raincoat, and what could be better than vintage? You will look great with your improvements.

The 21st century woman in me took offence for our mother with the word "dabbled". She definitely did sell Beeline and World Book. I don't think she thought it was dabbling, I think she was doing what she could to earn some money for the family while we were young. And she ordered the clothes from Beeline in my size when she could, so she clothed us from it too. She is probably getting a kick out of you finding this raincoat and I hope it makes her want to send a shower to us from heaven so you can try it out! Love T

Andy's Attic said...

I think your coat is wonderful. Love it with the belt. Come up our way ( SW WA.) and you can wear it this weekend.

Heidi Ann said...

Tina - You are exactly right - I stand corrected. I didn't mean anything by it, "dabbled" was just a word I pulled out of the ether. Mostly, I guess, because I wasn't trusting my memory in regard to the whole Beeline deal - I definitely remembered it, though, and I believe you're right, that Mother would enjoy knowing I found the raincoat and intend to wear it. Hey - you've gotta know that I still NEED my big sisters to straighten me out on things now and then! Thank you.

yosemite faith said...

now all you need are some go go boots

Phyl D said...

Hiedi Ann, you rock that mod coat proudly, girl. What kind of umbrella would complete this look? Maybe a vintage see-through bubble umbrella?

I always love reading these blog entries...of course, one of the most endearing things is the love and affection you and your sisters have for each other.

Although, I had two wonderful older brothers, growing up, I wasn't blessed with any sisters (something I desperately wished for as a gawky, self-conscious teen was an older sister to help clue me in to the ways of the world), but I have "adopted" a few wonderful girl friends along the way and my life is certainly richer for it.

Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes said...

I ADORE your raincoat Heidi Ann! Your sense of style is SO enviable! And of course you're just darling enough to pull it all off. I agree you need the go-go boots and see-through bubble umbrella. I say if you don't have those two things we should all make it a mission to find them for you to make this outfit! I'm going to keep my picker eye open for you :-)

BTW - I love the sister interaction here - Tina Dawn taking exception to your use of the word "dabble" & defending your mom, you defending yourself, rightly so, as the "little sister" who really might not have realized the impact of her efforts at that particular time. "Sister" anything is so precious, even the little *kitten* fights :- ) It's all about being sisters and it's all precious. You're GREAT sisters, all three of you!