Saturday, May 11, 2013

Do YOU Fondue? (Found A Great Set!)

I found this great fondue set at one of my favorite thrift stores.
I have never seen a complete set like this for sale in the original boxes before.
Even the recipe booklet was still there.
Ah.....  "Special Fondue For Grown-Ups":
The forks that were with the set weren't all that hot. No matter, I have plenty of others as you can see, below. I even found this set of plates about a week later:

Here's a photo from my vintage "Betty Crocker's Dinner Parties" cookbook:

And another, with a fabulous blue enameled cast iron pot:
And one more from the same book - yummy cheese fondue in a pretty red ceramic pot:
I'll take any - or all of - the above!


lorlore said...

Looks like fun, I have one, need to have a party and serve with it!!!!!

Tina Dawn said...

I would love to have some of that cheese fondue, especially if it is as good as that at the Willow in Jamestown. Love T