Monday, May 6, 2013

MORE Great Rooms From Seventeen

I found more of the cool rooms I love in another vintage issue of Seventeen magazine, so I wanted to share them with you today.
First , we have a game room, bright and fun;

A gorgeous  kitchen: that furniture is made by Stanley, by the way - the makers of my beloved "Ole" set. I had NO idea there was similar kitchen furniture. I LOVE it, too!

 A  groovy den in hot colors is seen below. As always, I scour every detail of these vintage interiors, and I always see all sorts of accessories in the rooms that I would love to own.

And last, but not least - the porch. Looks like a great place to hang out to me!

 These linens, below were featured along with the porch photo. It just happens that I have a pillow case in that design seen at top left, and I have it out on our patio as a seat cushion cover on one of my wicker chairs. I found it at a thrift store, and how funny that all these years after it was first sold, I am actually using it on my outdoor furniture - not it's intended use, obviously!

 Here it is on my chair (bad photo, obviously - I need help!):

Those are some pretty sheets and towels! I seldom find vintage towels in good shape, but I pick up vintage bed linens all the time - I like them much better than most of what is available today.


Diane said...

Wow! How come such fun colors went out of decorating? If I see one more all white room, I think I'll scream!

Tina Dawn said...

I vote with Diane, out with white, in with color! I can't believe now you have kitchen furniture to drool over. Love T

Annette said...

I'm in agreement about white, too. I have always had color around. So cool to see something you have in an old magazine!!!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Hi Heidi! I always love seeing these pictures! I Love that kitchen! It's a very happy kitchen! Twyla

Jill said...

I agree on the older sheets, they are way nicer and there wasn't even a "thread count" back then!! A few weeks ago I found a vintage pair of queen size sheets, still in the package, love them!! They're yellow and gold!!

Laura Kluvo said...

I had the mural in the top photo in my bedroom when I was in high school! I LOVED IT!!!!

Lisa H. Taylor said...

Love these photos/ads. Thanks for sharing! My daughter has my old Ole set but now wants a double/full bed. Did they make a full headboard in Ole? If so, does anyone have one for sale or know where I could find one? I'm in Southern CA.