Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sweet Peas and White Lilacs - Worth Waiting For

A long while ago, at least ten years, I planted three lilacs along the driveway.  They were very tiny.  They grew over the years, and the deer feasted on them over the years, but they are finally growing and can be called "bushes" now. 

Finally this year the one in the middle bloomed, and it is white! I probably knew that years ago, but had forgotten. Another white bush planted about 14 years ago muddled along and then died, and I thought I had no white ones.


Happy surprise, and delicious perfume.

Last spring I filled the hanging pots on the front porch with pansies, tulip bulbs, and nasturtium, morning glory and sweet pea seeds.

One lone pot decided to surprise me with sweet peas.

They grew slowly all fall and winter. All other flowers faded away as it climbed, and then bloomed with just a few colorful delightfully scented blossoms.

I am going to try again someday, but for this spring, it is a special little surprise.

Meanwhile, Cheshire Cat is on the prowl.

He says to be sure and take the time to smell the flowers.

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