Friday, May 10, 2013

Did Wishing Make It So?

Hello there.....
I was searching for rooms in my old posts, and I came across this post from nearly four years ago titled  "A Place To Sew" . If you click on the title and go back to read it, you can see the sixth photo down in that post is the same one shown below.
Did you happen to notice what I said in the text of my post?

"I want that little lady on the shelf in the corner".
Well, fast forward a few years, and will you look what I found!
Funny thing is - I didn't even remember ever having seen her before. Really, the picture was so small. And it WAS four years ago.
And yet, here she is in all her glory. And she's mine, all mine.
So - what do you think?
Did wanting her and wishing for her make me find her? Did that bring her to me?
How ever I found her; I'm happy she's here.


Tina Dawn said...

Of course wishing made it so! She belongs with you. Love T

Tami Von Zalez said...

It's thrift shop karma!