Thursday, May 9, 2013

Found - In A Drawer

Baby Ruth -  "Slice and Serve" - an advertisement? Yes - but it's actually a billboard that was once used alongside my husband's Lionel train set when he was a boy. From the 1950's:

Another billboard,  below, was for Atlantic, which later merged with the Richfield Oil Corporation and became the Atlantic Richfield Company, now known  as "Arco" :

Headed for Plasticville, USA? (Is that anywhere near Pleasantville?) The Plasticville line of buildings and accessories were also made to be used with model train layouts way back then. My father-in-law made a huge set-up that folds up against the wall down in the basement for his two sons all those years ago. It's pretty cool.
Get yourself some Solarex sunglasses along the way.

 Found at the same time were the other items you see below. Crayolet and Gothic crayons, and an half-full box of Akro-Agate marbles for Chinese Checkers:

I found them all inside the drawer of the little magazine table you see below. It's in pretty rough shape, which is why it has been sitting out in a corner of the garage for many years. It was turned around, and I didn't even know it had a drawer. So it made me happy when I opened it up and found some little long-lost "treasures" inside.

Now I think this little table needs some help. Nothing a little sandpaper and some paint can't fix, right? Because it is a very useful and practical table. And it's a nice size.
And it doesn't deserve to be banished to the garage corner for another 40 years!


Lorlore said...

Nice finds!!!!! Keep em coming!!!!!

Tami Von Zalez said...

Check out the blog Better After, there are some great furniture redos.

Tina Dawn said...

How fun to find great stuff in your garage! Looks like it was a fun game table. Love those marbles and crayons! And you are the perfect person to find a magazine table, of all things! Love T