Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Lounge Chair Road Trip No. 12: We are going to play in the snow in Truckee, California!

Good morning. Tina here.

It tried to snow here in Kelsey yesterday. It was coming down pretty good for a little while. It even started to stick. Then it stopped. I was quite disappointed.

It made me want to go where the snow is.

That place is Truckee, California. We can go back to Auburn, where we were last week, and then head east on Highway 80 to Truckee.

Be sure and bring your chains, as they always warn us.

Ah, that's better, here we are in the snow at Truckee.

In the 1980's my hubby played softball and baseball quite a lot. One team he played with had a tournament each year in Truckee in the snow at the high school.

We would go up for the weekend and stay at the Truckee hotel.

They would play a game of softball in the snow, with florescent orange softballs so they could see where the ball was in the white expanse.

Once the game was over everyone gathered at the bar across from the hotel and we warmed up with liquor.

It was a lot of fun. The tournament lasted for quite a few years, but then petered out, as those things tend to do.

In the last few years it would have been hard to hold a snow tournament, as there wasn't much snow.

This year would have been a good year to start up again, except all the team members are pretty much just old farts nowadays, and golf is their exercise. Running in snow is hard!

But we still have our memories. And we could still go up and enjoy the snow and warm up with liquor.  We still have that...


Rhonda said...

I didn't realize it snowed in CA! I'd be quite happy to send you our snow when it comes back!
I'm quite over it, a little dusting at Christmas is enough for me!

Heidi Ann said...

I haven't been up there is SO long! And the last time I was, it was simply to drive through. And it was in the summer, so we passed rafters as we drove alongside the river - but no snow.
I still don't want to drive in it - but if somebody else is driving, I'm up for it!