Sunday, February 28, 2016

What's Penny Wearing? #133 A Thrift Shop Outfit

Penny is sporting an outfit today that, in it's entirety, cost just around five dollars at a thrift store.
She's wearing a scarf, a shirt-jacket and a denim skirt.
This jacket has such a great, colorful paisley pattern on the fabric:
And so many nice details - buttoned pockets, a nice wide belt:
 The jacket is from Charter Club (sold at Macy's), and the style of it leads me to believe that it is vintage.
The scarf may seem an odd choice with this, but I LIKE them together, so I threw it on over the jacket, with a devil-may-care attitude.......
It's really quite a large - and truly pretty - fabulous scarf:
I just realized I didn't get much of a shot of the skirt.
It's just a fairly simple (yet nice) denim skirt in a nice color that works really well with the jacket.
You might be surprised to find what a nice outfit you can put together if you visit your local thrift shops with any regularity!


Tina Dawn said...

Very nice Penny! Love that shirt and scarf. Great finds. Love T

Past Pieces Vintage said...

Thrift stores have an abundance of those pashmina-type scarves. They're very pretty and usually quite inexpensive. I like the outfit!

The Brittons said...

I love this look!