Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Lucky Finds: Two More Books Ilustrated by Martin and Alice Provensen

I've written more than once about my love for Martin and Alice Provensen.
I collect their books, and when I happen upon one that I didn't have at a thrift store, I get a special thrill.
Well, I have found TWO recently!
"The Golden Bible The New Testament":
 A Giant Golden Book.
Their illustrations are so fabulous, their style so unique.
And this one - "Tales From The Ballet":
It was funny, I saw this big, beautiful book and snapped it up, just from the cover.
 It wasn't until I really looked at it later that I even realized the illustrations were theirs!
I should have known, it's true.
But I only knew at that quick moment that they were beautiful and I loved them.
"Of course, I loved them", I thought later, "It's the Provensens, after all"!
(The last two photos are from Coppelia, and then The Nutcracker, of course.)
Aren't they wonderful?
I felt so lucky to find them.Then again, I often feel almost as though things were placed on the shelf just for me alone to find.
There isn't anyone who would appreciate them more, I don't think.

If you are interested in seeing other posts I have done about these illustrators, click here for a search list of past posts.


Tina Dawn said...

I had to go back and read the other posts (the link didn't work, but that's okay, I know how to do it) and they were all great posts. They are definitely great illustrators and I love the idea when couples work together. I have a Golden Book About Religion that the Headleys gave to me for 8th grade graduation and I think that they may have illustrated that one. It is packed away or I would check. Love T

Shortbread and Ginger said...

These are fabulous!

Jennifer D said...

Beautiful Illustrations. Great finds again!

Jayne M said...

Amazing finds! I love their work as well.