Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sweet Things For Valentine's Day

I found an adorable vintage tin tray (which I assume was part of a children's tea set) at a thrift store:
I'm pretty sure he is getting ready to steal those tarts from the Queen Of Hearts....
.. you know, like in the old Mother Goose nursery rhyme?
 And these are sweet things - our Valentine cards along with a box of See's Candies - only my favorites chocolates EVER:

I also found a lovely ceramic cameo heart vase to add to my Valentine's Day decor:
And these little cupid silhouettes - sorry my photo is so blurry:
More sweet things - from the pages of a Wilton book, if I remember correctly, in the following two photos:

And one more thing - another heart vase in my last photo, here:
It was sitting on the counter, just like you see here with a little bouquet of narcissus, at one of my favorite thrift stores.
 I had already paid, and then I asked if it was for sale, by any chance?
She said yes, and would I like the flowers, too?
And certainly well worth the one dollar I paid to have their sweet scent (which happens to be one of my favorites in the entire world!) in my house for days!
Hope you are all enjoying a delightful Valentine's Day, and holiday weekend!

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Tina Dawn said...

That is one of my favorite scents too, I can just imagine putting my nose right into that bouquet, ah...heaven. Happy Valentine's Day! Love T