Monday, February 22, 2016

Vera Neumann Finds - I Have More Of Them To Share This Time Around!

I've found a few more vintage Vera Neumann items, and I always like to share them with you.
First up is this fabulous scarf:
I love the design AND the colors on this one:
But I also love this one with lovely hues as well - and sweet narcissus flowers:
Vera and the ladybug logo:
This bright and groovy paisley one is pretty cool:
My pictures didn't quite capture how almost- neon bright this one is.
And then there's one more, with flowers and shades of purple (which looks kind of brown in the pictures) and yellow:
Again, I think this one looks better in person than my photos show.
And there are three of these small linens, which are rather an odd shape but I guess they're supposed to be napkins.
Pretty flowers in blue and green - marigolds?
I have to tell you a little story, and I hope it doesn't sound like I am being too snarky.
 I was at an antique show, and I was looking at a vintage Vera Neumann linen calendar towel.
It was really nice, and I actually wanted it, but I decided against purchasing it.
It was more than I wanted to pay, and besides that, I pretty much only buy calendar towels if I am planning to use them as an actual calendar when the year on it matches the current year. This one wasn't coming up for a long time
 I looked at it more than once, and the lady who was selling it spoke to me each time. Naturally, she was hoping I would buy it, and she was saying things about it, "it's a nice one", "aren't the colors nice on that one" - you know, things like that.
And it WAS a nice one.
But then she came over and she opened it up and then she said "Oh, and it's a "Vena" - those are really collectible". And I murmured something politely, like "Oh? mmmm hmmm...".
And I walked away. I wasn't going to correct her.
But I thought to myself "A "Vena", huh? Right. Okay. Sure it is." (So, yes, I suppose I am being a bit snarky. I'm sorry.)
I guess she just didn't really know too much about her merchandise.
Nobody can know everything about everything, after all.
I have overheard women talking before about Vera and thinking it's Vera Wang or maybe even Vera Bradley - sometimes a cashier will say something like that.
But I don't think I've ever heard anybody say "Vena" before.
I will admit that her signature is written in an unusual way - part of what I love about it. I still get a major kick out of pawing through a basket of scarves until a pattern or color combo catches my eye and I think "oh - looks like this could be a Vera!" - and it's always rather a thrill for me when I spy her signature in the corner or on the label.
Anyway - this is the end of my story - I just thought it was interesting.
Would you have said something?


Tina Dawn said...

No, I would have left her to her stupidity. No, I'm not snarky at all... It is better to say nothing when you know nothing than to speak and really prove it. I didn't know Vera did narcissus! I love that pattern. And ending with an old inside joke, I suppose that lady thought the calendar was "really really old"! Love T

GSGreatEscaper said...

I think you should have enlightened her, and then asked for a discount!

Diane said...

I probably would have kept my big mouth shut. Usually not worth trying to correct people. Love the first red scarf. Pretty napkins too.

Anonymous said...

The blue and green flowers might be zinnias as the foliage looks more like that than marigolds. Very interesting color choice for a Vera napkin. As far as being snarky, I would have giggled to myself in that same situation. Keep on with the entertaining posts!