Tuesday, July 12, 2016

It's "Time" For Vintage Clocks Again

I've written before about these cool vintage alarm clocks.
This is mine that I have had for more than 45 years.
And a few years ago, I purchased this one with it's original box on eBay:
It's in great condition, and even has the instructions:
Look what I found! This coupon was in an old issue of Life Magazine that I got at an estate sale:
As you can see, it's kind of a cross between the two I have!
It has the alarm bells on the top, but the larger numbers:
I know that I had my clock prior to 1971, but maybe only a year or two, and apparently there were many different models made.
I felt like checking some of them out, so I found some images of others to share with you.
Here's one like mine!
(Wonder if it works? Mine doesn't.)
Most of them that I've ever seen were made by "Linden Black Forest" in West Germany.
A cute black and white "number" with dice:

Pink and blue - love it:
And yellow and blue - love it more!
Red, white and blue - how fabulous is THIS one??
And I discovered something I did NOT know - that another company made them, too - "Sheffield".
Yes, the orange and yellow one below may be my favorite of the photos I found:
Yes, but don't forget: it all began with this little cutie that used to wake me up in the morning, all those years ago:
And I'll hold onto it always.
(One of these days I will get around to putting together images of them I've found in room settings in my vintage Seventeen magazines and others. Not anytime soon....)


Diane said...

Those are very cool! Love the big numbers.

Leanne said...

Love these! So hip, so mod!