Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Latest Of The "Frame-Ups"

I'm back today with a few more of my latest framing projects.
I love this first one:
Eve in the Garden Of Eden; this is a color copy of an illustration from an issue of the National Food Magazine from around 1911.
I found a small yellow frame that worked perfectly for that one!
In the next photo, below, you see an old cottage print that was in a kind-of-funky frame at a thrift store.
The hanger on the back was oddly glued on with some weird glob of stuff and I just plain didn't like the looks of it.
So I put it into a different frame (sorry about the glare!).....
And, when I took it out of the funky frame, I found part of an old 1931 movie poster or lobby card (photo below) had been used as a backing. "Rebound", starring Ina Claire - who I am not at all familiar with - and costarring Myrna Loy, who I certainly AM familiar with!
"How much should a wife put up with - from her husband?"
(Gee, I wonder what that was all about ?)
There was writing on the back that says "Madeline Christmas 1933" which I believe must have been when it was first inserted into it's original frame (NOT the one I found it in - that was newer).
Even though it's incomplete, I think it's pretty cool.
I LOVE it when I find "extras" like that! (More about that at the end of my post).
I also really love how these next two turned out!
I waited a long time to find a matching pair of frames that would work for these two beauties:
From an old Blue Chip Stamp Catalog, these carousel horses were on the front and back covers:
So colorful and unusual!
Last of all, a tale of another find:
 I got a very nice vintage frame at the ReStore for one dollar - it was  an unusual size that I needed, and that proves difficult to find.
 Framed inside was an old print of a photo of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt - which I definitely did not discard, by the way - but I was planning to remove it, nonetheless.
So, when I took it apart to remove everything inside in order to use the frame for something else, look what I found inside  - behind FDR:
 An adorable vintage print (in excellent condition) of a baby in a highchair, spilled milk - and a cat who isn't the least bit concerned about the situation.
Too cute!
Another pleasant surprise, discovered within an old frame, and left there by someone else many years ago - just for me to find.

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Diane said...

All are very nice! What a nice surpise to find the hidden pictures!