Sunday, July 24, 2016

More Crewel: A Few Recent Finds

Just wanted to share my latest crewelwork finds with you today.
This first set of three vintage framed pictures were found at one of my favorite thrift stores:
I went into the shop on half-price day, and one of the owners said to me,
"Oh, Heidi - we just put something out yesterday that made us think of you."
And then she pointed out this set.
 Now, I ask you: how nice is that ?
They knew I might like them, based on the kinds of things I buy, and they were definitely right!
And they were half price!
I know they are from 1974, because they are signed and dated on the back:
More recently, I found this cute pair:
This is absolutely the prettiest vintage burlap bag of this type that I have ever seen - this one was an estate sale find:
 And I found a pretty floral pillow, too:
All colorful, all fueling the fire for my love of vintage crewelwork embroidery!


Diane said...

I'm a crewel fan too. Very pretty finds!

lorlore said...

These are all so very colorful!!!!!

Gail Travis said...

I learned to embroider at an early age. Lived in Los Angeles area in the 60's and 70's. I worked at a toy wholesaler and hobby wholesaler. I actually did a pillow like yours maybe even the same pattern. The pictures are very nice also.