Thursday, July 14, 2016

Found: Gorgeous Vintage Glass

I've gotten lucky in the last month or so, and I have found some lovely vintage glassware while out shopping.
We'll start with this big, gorgeous vintage glass canister (probably Takahashi) - here is the first photo I took:
Well, that won't do!
You need to see it in all it's glory - with the sun shining on it:
It's a beauty, let me tell you!
Next, I found one of my favorite green depression glass jars (or shakers). It's the one on the right, below.
It does not have a shaker top (no holes):
I showed you the "Flour" one after I found it two years ago (in this post) - two years almost to the day!
 I don't have any of those reproduction labels left, but that's okay.
 I was very happy to find it at a reasonable price!
I also found another big canister - the green beauty, below - this one was at the flea market:
And last of all, I found the vintage amber glass bottle here:
It would originally have come with an all-glass stopper, but I happened to have the one you see here already at home, and it works just fine for me!
The above photo is a shot of some of my other amber glassware in a window sill.
 The short amber glass canister, third item from the left in the picture, was also a recent addition.
Beautiful vintage glassware is another weakness of mine, I must admit!

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