Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Visit to Old Towne Orange

I finally made it to Old Towne Orange while we were down in the area (at Disneyland).
I've always wanted to go there, and I had always hoped to visit Country Roads Antiques And Gardens, also.
You may have seen their advertisements in Romantic Homes magazine. The July issue of RH has this ad inside the back page:
My dear friend Lisa came and picked me up at the hotel, and we went to Old Town Orange. We shopped a bit, and she treated me to a fabulous lunch at the Francoli Gourmet restaurant.
In fact, I brought home the leftovers and had them for dinner the next night after I got home! Delicious!

Country Roads is a great place to shop. I saw lots of things I'd love to have.
But I only got one thing (this trip!), and that was this green depression glass shaker, below that looks great alongside my "Cookies" canister (that was discovered at a thrift store).
I'm glad that I still had one label left that was the right size for the shaker, from this sheet I purchased quite a few years ago from Lorrie Kitchen Antiques:
 Yes, I know that isn't flour inside, tee hee.....
Here's another one of their ads, from the "Collector" magazine that Lisa picked up for me inside the shop:
Um, yes , you could call me a "collector", in fact, I believe I am the true definition of the word!
We didn't have time to go into every shop in the area, but we did go in to Woody's Antiques.
We enjoyed meeting and visiting a bit with Bettie Woody, who owns the shop with her son Bret. They both used to work at Disneyland! She told us she was working at City Hall on Main Street in 1956, and on her second day, Walt Disney came in. She didn't know who he was!
Their shop was full of gorgeous  to-die-for Heywood Wakefield furniture and vintage lamps, along with many other beautiful things. I wish I had taken pictures, but sometimes that is frowned upon, so I didn't.
I decided to buy some of their wonderful quality "cracked ice" vinyl, since we happen to have some chairs that are in need of a reupholstery job.
 As you can see here:
We made it into two other shops, both of which had fabulous vintage clothing and accessories.
I snapped this picture in one of them; I believe it was either Elsewhere Vintage or Villains Vintage:
Both shops were fabulous - I was in vintage clothing heaven!
If you are ever able to make a visit to Orange, do so!
I hope to go back some day, when I have more time.....
and maybe more money to spend, too.


Annette said...

That sounds like a super fun day of shopping and looking. I have the green salt shaker that was my mothers. I love that green!!

Tina Dawn said...

I would love to see all those shops and it is so great you got to spend quality time with Lisa! Love T

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