Monday, August 4, 2014

Chillin', Retro Style's HOT.
Anything you can do to keep cool in the summer is a good thing.
I found a new (to me) sun tea jar at a thrift store, so I have been making decaffeinated sun tea. Just tap water and tea bags in my jar -  along with the hot summer sun - are all I need to make it.
 I don't want my iced tea to get diluted so I freeze some of the tea in our vintage aluminum ice cube tray that's been here in the house for nearly sixty years, put the cubes in the freezer in a plastic bag, and they are at the ready when I need them.
It's a Frigidaire....
I use Lipton Tea, and sometimes I make green tea and sometimes black tea. I sweeten it with Truvia, and that's my version of Sweet Tea - with zero calories.
Very refreshing!
And when we just plain do not feel like anything hot for dinner, I will sometimes just fix us some nice big salads.

I made these salads not long ago - one for my husband with some leftover grilled steak that was in the fridge, red onion, goat cheese, tomatoes:
And for mine I used up some grilled chicken that was leftover from the night BEFORE the grilled steak, goat cheese, and my favorite little tomatoes from the farmer's market:
I do not make my own salad dressing very often (we have a few store-bought favorites that we tend to use all of the time), but I couldn't resist these great vintage salad dressing bottles when I saw them at the thrift store:
So, maybe I will make some one of these days. A homemade vinaigrette is sounding kind of good to me, maybe with some of my locally made Meyer Lemon olive oil that I love so much!
Keep cool, people, keep cool.
(If you possibly can - we are finding it rather difficult, here lately.....)

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Tina Dawn said...

It is somewhat cooler up here in Gold Run Washington, we are right on the river and look out on two tall mountains which are very close. I have been having oil and vinegar dressing. LOL. Love T