Friday, August 29, 2014

Patterns From The Past: Something Different - Simplicity Decorator Patterns

Something a little different today!
 I found these pictures inside one of my vintage "Simplicity Fashion News' booklets.
Two different rooms were shown, in order to serve their purpose for
 "Introducing Simplicity's New Decorator Patterns".
They put together a couple of pretty cute rooms with their nice closet accessories, bed coverings, pillows, etc.
Here's the first one:
 I wanted to also show you the patterns that were available for creating all of these colorful and decorative items.
Close up on the window and the bed:
We have pattern 5551,  for the cafe curtains shown above:

And the slipcover and bolster for a twin bed or studio couch:
And then, the various closet organizing accessories you see in the picture below....
Are from these patterns - 5550:
And 5549:
Here's the other room, so pretty in yellow and green:

A closer look at the table toppers....
.....made with this pattern, number 5474:
Here's a little bit closer view of the shower curtain, on the right side of the photo below, and also the other version of the bed pillows or bolsters to top your twin bed, sofa bed or day bed:
And the pattern for that, 5545:
And these cute cube-shaped pillows under the bench.....
Were made from number 5328:
Depending on your fabric choices, the possibilities were endless!
(As always, I am loving all of the cool little vintage accessories and knickknacks that are shown in these photos, as well!)

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Tina Dawn said...

Wow, I really like the idea of the coordinating fabrics, they would be gorgeous in Vera Bradley prints. Love T