Monday, August 18, 2014

It's My Flowers Again!

I found another fantastic photo featuring my vintage paper flowers (probably from Takahashi, although they were available from other companies, as well).
This was in a McCall's Decorating book.
Love the pink gingham with the fabulous flowers!
Looks like a lovely party to me.
And I found one more picture with some paper flowers in it, too. And if the ones on the dresser aren't enough for you, they've got more flowers on the bed and the wallpaper:
(Can't remember where I got this one.)
My vintage paper flowers make me smile.
I hope you liked seeing them, too!


Tina Dawn said...

Keep those flowers coming. I love all the color. Love T

Jean said...

Hi there! Love these flowers- all of the Takahashi paper products I've seen are delightful.
I just discovered your blog and I've had a great time looking through it! I know this is kind of nuts, but I am so enamored of the calendar prints in your blog entry from March 8, 2014, I have to find out more about them. The illustrations are fabulous! I can't read the artist's name, is there any way you could send me a close-up image of the signature? (That is, if you still have the prints?) Could you possibly post a picture of the back of the calendar page(s)? Maybe I could do some research and find out who did the artwork-- any publishing or copyright information on the back of the pages would be great.
I did find out an interesting fact about the text- both prints use words from Victorian books. Here's the wallpaper quote:
And here's the clock quote:
<a href="" target=">Clocks</a>
Pretty neat, huh? (I'm a librarian, I can't help researching things!)
At any rate, I thought I'd take the off chance that you'd still have these great prints, and be willing to capture some additional pictures for me- I hope that's not too presumptuous! Thanks so much for your blog, and for posting this great calendar in the first place.

Jean said...

Yipes, sorry about that messed-up link! Here's the correct format: