Sunday, August 3, 2014

Holly Hobbie Dolls And Clothing

I found this sweet vintage fabric to use for making adorable stuffed cloth Holly Hobbie dolls a while back at a thrift store.
I think I probably showed it to you back then:
But since that time, I have also picked up this sweet pattern for little girl's dresses, bonnet and pinafore:
And I saw this one in Lori's collection when I was over there, so I snapped a photo of it, as well:
And I found this vintage Simplicity pattern for a stuffed doll at a thrift shop, too:
I came across these images, below when I was looking through my collection of Simplicity Fashion News booklets.
 Holly Hobbie embroidered stitchery pictures from November 1973:
I love Holly Hobbie's little sunbonnets, and I love the patchwork look of the dress and pinafore fabrics, and the pretty different colors of calico.  
 I found a doll (below) that looks similar to the ones that could be made with my fabric on Etsy.
 (Find it by clicking here.)

They just make me smile; Holly Hobbie is so cute!

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Tina Dawn said...

Looks like a miniature version of my El Dorado Rose outfit! I used to have (and probably still do) a Holly Hobbie lunchbox with nasturtiums on it. Love T