Saturday, August 16, 2014

Pretty Katy Kitty Kat

A pretty kitty showed up in our yard and just started hanging around, as though she belonged here.
We didn't know where she came from, but she sure did act like this was the only place she wanted to be:
My husband finally decided she must be hungry (and not getting fed anyplace else?), so we got some food.
If she belongs to someone nearby, I ask you: why did she suddenly decide to start hanging out here, exclusively?
 And why does she seem to be ravenous every time we give her food, if she lives elsewhere and they are feeding her?
 My stepson says he thinks someone just dropped her off at the road and she ended up here.
(Gee, how do you suppose she knew that there are some people in this house who love kitties?)
After being spoken to softly and sweetly, and coaxed and treated gently and respectfully - and fed - she decided we were all right, and that she didn't need to run away when we were out in the yard.
When I was out of town and my husband e-mailed me some pictures of her, he simply put in the subject line "Kitty Kat", capitalized, like that, as if it was a name. I liked the look of it.
When we realized she was a female (we had been referring to her constantly as "he"), I decided I would call her Pretty Katy Kitty Kat. Or any combination of those words , in any order.
After quite a while, she would let me, and then both of us, pet her. And now she lets me pick her up - for just a bit - because she really doesn't like it much.
Isn't she pretty?
She is a very loud, vocal and demanding kitty, waiting at the back door early every morning, wanting to be fed.
And we do her bidding.
Because she is sweet, and we like her, and because she seems to want to stay.


Tina Dawn said...

Well, what do you know, a Kitty Kat chose you! That is how we ended up with VW and we had her for years. She has beautiful eyes, very expressive. Love T

Annette said...

She is a very beautiful cat. Her eyes are mesmerizing! I'm glad she found you and not surprised she cares about you!!

EM said...

What a cutie. She looks a lot like my sweet baby Chiquito. He found us about seven years ago when he was jst a baby. He'd been hanging around outside, but when he popped out of our tree with a baby bird in his mouth, we knew we had to do something for the sake of both him and the birds!