Sunday, August 31, 2014

More Of My Colorful Finds

I found this large - and quite pretty - pedestal vase at a thrift store.
The incised signature and date on the bottom tell me that it was made by the very talented "Flo" in 1972:
At the same store, I found this great vintage recipe folio, below.
Escargot, anyone?
I was delighted to find more of these colorful cards.
The packet included a few I did not already have.
They are SO cute!

I found a nice little orange lotus bowl  in good shape. I have a hard time finding them with no chips:

And a very small cream pitcher, which had to have been part of a set:
This find, below, was only colorful on the inside.
 A nice, sturdy vintage tote; I loved the lining on the inside.
 It sold within days of my having taken it into the shop....
....without the wine, of course.
Maybe the person who bought it is using it this holiday weekend for a picnic?
I like to think so.


Tina Dawn said...

Great colorful finds, I especially like the flower vase by Flo! Love T

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm just loving those funky snail and cute cards! Defiantly a good bargain :)