Sunday, August 17, 2014

Needlepoint Designs From Vintage Books

I have been finding quite a few great books lately at the thrift stores.
This sun is from one of them:
The lovely needlepoint designs to be found in these books seem never-ending!
The sun leading my post and the pillows below are from the book above, "120 Needlepoint Design Projects":
"Four Way Bargello" by Dorothy Kaestner........
....yielded the next three:
And "Needlepoint Bargello", also by Ms. Kaestner......
...features the next four lovelies, among many others:

The next two are from "The New World Of Needlepoint":

Oh, and there are a LOT more where those came from!
And here is a vintage ad from Unger, which shows a few needlepoint pillows, among other stitchery kits that could be purchased back in the 1970's.
Is it any wonder it was so popular, with all of the gorgeous, bright and colorful designs that were out there?


Annette said...

I love all the pillows sitting on the bench. WOW, the colors!! I remember doing needlepoint back in the day. I still have one I did from scratch for Christmas. Is simply says JOY.

Tina Dawn said...

Love the sun, and the rose pillow too. Love T