Thursday, August 14, 2014

California Missions - A Vintage Find And a Poem

I found this great vintage, unused linen tea towel at a thrift shop:
It features all of the historical California Missions.
It was made by KayDee Handprints:
The artwork is by Ernest A. Batchelder.
Below, you see San Juan Bautista:
I had to also show you our oldest grandson's model of Mission San Juan Bautista, his school project earlier this year:
I snapped this picture of a photo of San Juan Bautista  that was on display at the California State Fair:
And I wanted to share this lovely poem from my poetry book I have written about before, titled "Brief Aprils", along with the illustration by Don Blanding which accompanies it in the book:

Mission Garden, by Edythe Hope Genee

Through the pepper's lacy shadows,
Ghosts of the padres tread these mission paths.,
And in the garden, tall hibiscus idly whisper,
Telling of Conchita, fairest daughter of Old Spain -
She who was so lovely that the roses turned their heads
And flushed with envy as she passed by.
Through the mission window, the wind brings the scent of
Languorously sweet, and sways the faded scarlet fringe of a
white shawl,
Hanging in the shadows.

As with all of her poems in the book, that one is lovely, don't you think?


Tina Dawn said...

Hubby and I once visited as many missions as we could on a road trip back home from So. Calif., and I believe San Juan Bautista was one of those. The long columnade walk is shady and I can imagine Conchita strolling along it. I love the fact the tea towel shows one of the El Camino Real mission bells which I posted about Feb 23, 2011. Your Grandson's model is very realistic, he did a good job. Great post sis! Love T

Annette said...

That is a lovely poem. The towel is a great find. Mostly I think your grandson's model is great!!!